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UBX Power Systems leading in Indian LED markets since 2019 and serving its quality product to its customer, where all the consumers are very and satisfied with the quality and service offered by us.

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UBX Power Systems is amongst India's fastest growing residential and institutional lighting company. The success of UBX has been built on the back of its unparalleled ability to develop, test and deploy lighting solutions relevant and suitable for Indian conditions.

Our electronic circuits have been developed keeping in view the power quality and usage pattern in India. UBX brand name has been established in the market over 2 years ago and due to its focus on innovation, quality control and value for money we are today one of the top 10 lighting brands in energy-efficient lighting in India.

Long Life

Our products are made with the best components which provide you long-life.

97% growth

At UBX we have witnessed a massive 97% growth in the last 2 years

Energy –Efficient

We are committing to provide you energy efficient products to save your money and our environment.

3 Million Products

We Manufacture more than 3 million LED Products every year

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